Tequila Lime Seasoning 6 oz

Tequila Lime Seasoning 6 oz
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Hot Rods Tequila Lime Seasoning 6 oz

This is our go-to for grilling seafood and chicken, with a mexi-creole twist! It starts with a tangy burst of lime, adds a touch of tequila to get your taste buds buzzing, then a kick of chili to bring on the perfect heat.

What is tequila lime seasoning good on?

Great on fish, chicken, beef, pork, rice, this seasoning blend is perfect for everyday cooking, or bottle it up for a gift.

This is the perfect blend of salt, garlic, and spices, that will give your grilling the edge it needs. ...

EASY TO USE: If you use this, your food will taste great, and you'll finally grill at the quality you always wanted to.

Size 6 oz

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